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Are you ready to make an impact, generate money and have fun along the way!

I want to help entrepreneurs and coaches like you to find your voice, tell your story and generate quality connections with potential clients

If you are an entrepreneur, or small business owner, you are in the right place.

I am super passionate about empowering early stage entrepreneurs generate
and convert high quality leads and make sense of marketing (without overwhelm).

This is also the home of the Chasing the Insights podcast where two times a week
I interview leaders in Marketing, Sales and Entrepreneurship to extract all of their
insights to give you an unfair advantage

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Check out the latest free and paid masterclasses. Whether it is creating the ultimate landing page or starting your own podcast.

We have regular masterclasses to help you to build a profitable business.


The Academy 

Apply for the Chasing the Insights Academy. A six-month accelerator program designed to get you results!

Join an incredible family of entrepreneurs as you learn from the best in the business. You will even have your own cheer squad!

Private Coaching

If you are serious about building a business you are proud of and making both impact and money. 

Then schedule a free (and no obligation) strategy call and we can see if private coaching is right for you.

Kia ora, I'm Vince!

I want to help you build and grow the business you always dreamed of. One that does not struggle to generate and convert leads. One that stands out in a crowded market place. One where you are considered thought-leader in your industry.

As well as being a Podcast host and an author, I am an award winning Business and Marketing Coach and strategist.  

I have been doing this for a very long time and have learnt a lot along the way. I know what it takes to help you make an impact, generate money and have some fun as you do.

So stop struggling with the marketing overwhelm and let me come alongside you!
I am in your corner and want you to succeed!

You deserve to succeed my friend, and you deserve to build a company you are proud of. So book a free strategy call with me and let me get you on the right track. 


"Before I started working with Vince I felt lost and had no idea how to start my speaking/coaching business. Every program I looked at seemed to have cookie cutter lessons with no personalization.

I feel like Vince truly knows me and what my mission is with my business. He has really made this program a safe place where we all feel like equals regardless of where we are on our journeys. It has given me clarity on my business and so much confidence."

Amanda Acker - Speaker, Coach, Podcast Host

"Prior to starting with Vince, I found marketing confusing and didn't know where to start. Since joining, I have stepped out of my shell and have been more confident.

The B.E.A.T.S method was key in developing my own identity. I have even submitted my first major contract.

Vince genuinely has your back. If you are struggling, he is there for you. The personalized service is unlike anything that I have seen before."

Jeannette Barrow - Founder of Épiculiste

"I am so grateful to be part of the Academy, I now have much more nous to give guidance to my digital team on our strategy, values and how we measure success with our audience.

Being in the Academy and having access to Vince and his expertise is a gift.

You do not believe the level of coaching and follow through you will get, it is unheard of. It will humble you with the amount of care and attention to detail Vince brings to your table."

Daniel Toleafoa- Tandem Ministries

"The Academy program has helped me better judge the quality of my potential ideas as well as feeding into these.

There's a sense of safety in sharing your challenges. Plus, the topics he teaches are always relevant and Vince is quick to notice when someone needs one on one help to get unstuck.

Don't waste your time and money trying to do it on your own. The Academy program is very complete and Vince cares about your success."

Kate Nash - Founder of Make Your Course Great