Marketing, sales and business insights to give you the unfair advantage

Marketing, sales and business insights to give you the unfair advantage

Welcome to Chasing the Insights, the podcast designed for you - the marketer, entrepreneur and small business owner.

Each week your host, Vince Warnock, has a fireside chat (minus an actual fireside) with some of the biggest and brightest minds in marketing and sales. They talk through the insights they have learnt through their careers, the highs and lows, the lessons they know now and the lessons they wish they knew much earlier.

This is your chance to glean the insights from the best in the business to help you to grow your business and to gain an unfair advantage.

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Chasing the Insights

In the world of digital marketing it is getting harder and harder to win. But what if I told you there is a way for you to get ahead of the competition? A way for you to get a steady stream of gains in all of your digital marketing channels.

If that excites you, then you need to get a copy of award winning author Vince Warnock's best selling book - Chasing the Insights. By the end of the book, you will have:

  • An easy to understand experimentation framework that you can implement.
  • A guide to cultivating the mindset required to successfully embed a true experimentation approach and lastly,
  • Some practical experiments that you can start testing the second you put the book down.

Don’t chase the wins, chase the insights!

About the Host

Vince Warnock is an award winning Business and Marketing Strategist, coach and author of Chasing the Insights. 

An ex-radio announcer with over 20 years in marketing. Vince has founded multiple companies including the Chasing the Insights Academy where he empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to grow the business they have always dreamed of.