Experimental Marketing

Experimentation is the hidden weapon in digital marketing. It enables you to gain far more value than simple numerical gains.

The CHASER Method

A simple and easy to follow method of experimentation. This book will teach you how to implement this approach and bring your whole organisation on the journey.

Experimental Mindset

Train your brain! Experimentation is useless if you don't have the right mindset. In the book we cover how to train your brain for creativity, fortitude, and confidence.

Practical Experiments

Actual practical experiments you can try for yourself. Hear from not only the author, but some of the best talent in the world as they give you their experiments.

A Different Way of Thinking

As you work through the book, you will learn to debias yourself and build your confidence. You will quickly adopt the mantra "We don't chase the wins, we chase the insights".

Growth Machine

The goal of every digital marketer is to turn their online channels into a growth machine. In the book you will learn how experimentation gives you a compund interest effect in your digital grow.


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Vince Warnock

An award-winning marketer and a sought-after public speaker, Vince Warnock has been inducted into the 2018 Fearless50, a program to recognize the top 50 marketers in the world who are driving bold, fearless marketing and digital transformation.

Vince has an eclectic background, training as an Electronics and Computer Engineer before broadening into sound engineering, radio announcing, web development, and film until, eventually, marketing.

Currently Chief Marketing Officer at Cigna Life Insurance and previously the co-founder of high growth tech startup Common Ledger, with his wealth of knowledge and experience in the marketing industry, Vince gives back regularly through his work with the Marketing Association and as a mentor and tutor.