Chasing the Insights Academy

3-Month Accelerator Program

Growing your business with marketing is not hard!

Do any of these sound like you?

  • I am feeling overwhelmed - you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or coach and the thought of a a marketing strategy for your business seems a little overwhelming. "There is so much to do and learn, where do I even begin" 
  • How will I find the time? - you want to build your business but you don't want to sacrifice time with your family or friends. Or you want to scale your business but the thought of learning new skills seems like it will take too much time 
  • I am not sure I have the confidence or ability - the thought of marketing yourself or your business seems scary. What if people judge me? What if I fail? What if I don't have the right skills to make it work?
  • I feel I am doing this alone - we have all heard that being an entrepreneur or running your own business is a lonely game. In the early days you tend to have to wear every hat and carry the burden alone. It doesn't have to be like this! 

If any of these sound like you, then you are in the right place! 

The Chasing the Insights Academy is a 3-month accelerator program that was created for someone just like you. Someone that doesn't want to have jargon or complex systems thrown at them. Someone that wants to feel the excitement of being able to learn and implement the systems and frameworks themselves without being made to feel like a dummy.

What to expect

This three-month program is an online accelerator to help small businesses, coaches, entrepreneurs, basically anyone wanting to create or grow a business that works around their lifestyle.

You will have access to daily 15-minute masterclasses that teach you everything you need to market and grow a successful business, in an accessible, empowering, and supportive way.

When you have finished the program you will have:

  • A clear pitch and story that compels people to want to buy from you
  • A realistic and actionable growth strategy for both you and your business
  • The ability to make your website work for you (even if you are non-technical)
  • The skills and a roadmap to create content that sells
  • A clear strategy for generating a constant supply of quality leads
  • A marketing plan that will scale your business both upwards and outwards
  • The confidence to put yourself out there (I get it, it can be scary...but you've got this)
  • The support you need to feel confident and in control of your business
  • Your own cheer network that will help you to feel empowered, encouraged and inspired
  • Plus, a whole lot more…

As part of the Accelerator program you will also get:

  • free 1:1 virtual session with Vince Warnock to help you set your expectations and goals for the program.
  • Never feel alone as you participate in regular sessions where you can ask questions and have your marketing materials reviewed. All with your biggest cheerleader… me!
  • Keep yourself accountable with weekly accountability challenges (you may even see a prize or two).
  • Learn from the best as we bring in guest experts, teachers, and speakers throughout the program.
  • You will also be part of a private support community that provides genuine help you when you need it and shares in the celebrations with you as your business skyrockets.

Are you a foundation member?

We have now opened up applications to be a foundation member. 

For a limited time, you will get access to the program for a fraction of the cost in exchange for committing to provide feedback to help make the accelerator the best program possible.

If this sounds like you, apply below and I will jump on a call with you to see if the program is a good fit for you (and vica versa).

What's my story?

Hi, I'm Vince Warnock and without a doubt, the most common question I get asked by other marketers is “How the hell do we keep up”? In a world where technology and customer expectations are changing at such a rapid pace, it can seem next to impossible. It's what motivated me to write my first book "Chasing the Insights" and inspired me to empower business owners and entrepreneurs  around the world to grow their business through digital marketing. 

Currently a full-time author, podcast host, marketing coach and founder of Chasing the Insights, I was previously the Chief Marketing Officer at Cigna Life Insurance and co-founder of high growth tech startup Common Ledger.

My 20 years in marketing have given me a number of opportunities and lead me to become a sought after public speaker and recognized by my peers with a number of awards including being inducted into the Fearless50, a program to recognize the top 50 marketers in the world who are driving bold, fearless marketing and digital transformation.

This industry has done a lot for me and I love giving back with my work as a mentor, tutor, and launching the Chasing the Insights Academy to empower you to grow the business you always dreamed of.

Apply to be a foundation member

For a limited time: $995 USD