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September 23rd - 25th 

Join us for our free masterclass: Launch your own podcast

Hands up if you want to create a channel that can generate a steady supply of leads.
Hands up if you want to increase your thought-leadership.
Keep your hands up if you want to meet some of the coolest people on the internet (and maybe even make a new best friend).

If you hand was up for any of those, then you are in the right place.

I want you to join us for a masterclass where I will run through everything you need to think about. Everything you need to prepare. Plus tips and tricks that you will want to know to make the most out of your podcast.

Now, I know that some of you will be thinking "Vince, the thought of running a podcast is overwhelming". I have been there my good friend and the good news is, it is not as hard as you think! 

So come and join me on

Join us on Tuesday 3rd August at: 11am PDT (2pm EDT) an added bonus, I will teach you how to be the kind of guest on podcasts that get you invited back.

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