Books by Vince Warnock

ChatGPT For Marketers

Put your hand up if you want a never-ending stream of fresh and original content ideas. What about effortless content and lead magnet creation? What if you could create months of content in a single hour?

All of this, and more, are possible when you know how to use OpenAI's free chat-based language tool called 'ChatGPT'.

I wrote this book to show you how!

Chasing the insights

What if I told you that bringing a simple tool into your digital marketing arsenal could create a way for you to get a steady stream of incremental gains in your search engine optimization, your social media marketing, your conversion rate optimization and even your content marketing efforts. Think of it as a way to get compound interest gains in all of your digital marketing channels.

The not so secret tool I am referencing is ‘experimentation’.  It is a way for us to disrupt the market, our competitors and most importantly, disrupt ourselves.

5 Word Affirmations

This book is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs that want to continuously improve. The type of business owners and entrepreneurs that do not want to settle for the status quo, that want to level up in their business and their life.

In this book I am going to cover:
- what affirmations are;
- some of the neuroscience behind how they work;
- how you can use them to maximise results;
- then finally, a heap of affirmations for you to start declaring over your businesses and lives.