All the insights you need to create a kickass marketing strategy tailored for your success.

September 23rd - 25th 

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Chasing the Insights is a book designed for any marketer or entrepreneur that wants to create consistent improvements in their marketing and digital marketing efforts.

In this book, the simple goal is to give you three things:

  1. An easy to understand framework that you can implement.
  2. A guide to cultivating the mindset required to successfully embed a true experimentation approach and lastly,
  3. some practical experiments that you can start testing the second you put the book down.

I have even enlisted some of the most talented digital marketers in the world to help pick out some of their recommended experiments. It is not often that you get the likes of Michael Brenner, Ciaran Rogers and Tim Pointer in the same book.
By the end of this book, my hope is that you have a new lease on your digital marketing life and that your new mantra becomes “We don’t chase the wins, we chase the insights”.