In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to serial entrepreneur Neha Naik. 

Neha talks to us about how we can and should use messy action to gain momentum.

Neha Naik is now a 4 times business owner, and runs those businesses while raising 2 toddlers! 

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Neha is an expert in career planning/recruitment, a certified sleep consultant, and mom entrepreneurship coach, mentoring moms with young children on how to start a business to create better work/life balance.

She helps moms who DREAM of starting a business, but don’t ACT on it, takes them by the hand and walks them through all the steps of their new biz – conception to delivery!

Neha knows firsthand the journey of building an empire while also raising a family – she has lived the rollercoasters of failures, obstacles, tears, self-doubt, not knowing how to do it, overwhelmed by all the advice out there. So she decided to share her story and help other moms start businesses, or simply organise their day with routines and predictability, so that the whole family is energised and happy.

Neha shares insights based both in relentless practice and solid data, and inspires with her personal experiences.

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