In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to life coach extraordinaire Jennifer N. 

Jennifer talks to us about your personal brand and how your story and releasing shame fit into it.

Jennifer N is helping bold, badass creatives take it to the next level online.

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After working in the adult industry, Jennifer set out to become a life coach, only to be met with Facebook groups, funnels, livestreams and cookie-cutter approaches.

Triggered by shame and a fear of being seen online, she struggled to transfer her confidence and magnetism in front of a virtual audience.

After doing the deep, inner work, she created a 6-figure business *shocker* just by being HERSELF.

Jennifer now works with creatives and entrepreneurs who want to unleash their inner badass, rebel against the norm and become magnetic to the people they love.

From shame and sexuality to mindset and marketing, Jennifer covers it all while helping you get confident, consistent and REAL in how you brand yourself.

In her spare time she can be found enjoying dirty martinis, hiking the Pacific North West, lifting weights or dancing the night away to disco house.

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