In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to actress and on-camera coach Patti Troisi.

Patti talks to us about how we can be magnetic on camera.

Patti Troisi On-Camera HOLISTIC breakthrough coach & Actress ~ she leads with JOY & LOVE & IGNITES conscious entrepreneurs and business owners into their mission and vision to easily deliver beautifully authentic VIDEO with HEART through the lens and magically into the hearts of their audience.

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Patti’s vulnerability coaching captures your unique SOUL message required to connect and engage successfully with your audience and convert those results! Her extensive experience and passion in personal development and quantum physics and the law of energy have equipped her with highly effective TOOLS for your success.

Added to her 25+ years as an actress with award-winning directors and international platforms which has allowed her the ability and understanding of all elements of storytelling and delivering a message.

Patti draws from her New York roots, growing up in a home surrounded by her Italian/Sicilian culture, navigating life with five siblings, finding humor and compassion, and then translating it onto the big and small screens. If you are seeking your GOLD…work with Patti!

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