In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to ultra-conscious entrepreneur Neal Fisher.

Neal talks to us about being a Unified Man – Building a Nation from Within.

Neal Fisher lost 8 years of his life because of poor financial decisions that lead to a mountain of debt. These poor financial decisions were a result of immature grandiosity and poor daily habits. At the same time he found himself divorced and completely out of shape.

Every problem under the Sun has the same singular source – conflict or flaws within the mind.

Neal’s mess was a result of flawed character. He eventually surmounted these challenges and resolved internal division by unifying his mind and body – by bridging the gap between the conscious and the subconscious to yield the Ultraconscious.

The Ultraconscious is the unborn entity within – our highest and best self that we are all being called to become. We access this by letting go of our ego control, listening to our heart and allowing the source to flow through us.

Neal’s job is to help people uncover their true individuality and strength; to become free in spirit no matter what the physical circumstances may be.

The best path is a fusion of form and intellect, skill and substance.
The process of cultivating genius is simple but not easy. Hybrid mastery entails nurturing your mind
and your body so that you may clearly access the source – this is how you become a Unified Man.
A Unified Man is clear.
A Unified Man is strong.
A Unified Man is in control.
A Unified Man rules his internal territory – he has built a Nation from Within.

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