In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to leading Success & Business Coach Dijana Llugolli.

Dijana talks to us about her journey what she has learnt about setting yourself up for success.

Dijana is a leading Success & Business Coach in Scandinavia and Global Influencer who helped more than a hundred entrepreneurs from 23 countries to launch and scale their online business.

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Dijana is not your usual coach with Masters in Business but her expertise is a unique fusion of Theory and Practice as a serial entrepreneur for more than 16 years.

Her Online Coaching business was built through her Fierce Drive to serve and Impact Millions and Incredible Collaborations and Partnerships. She had a privilege to work with most exceptional teams from Mindvalley and Dean Graziosi’s Enterprise as an ambassador and advocate for the Next level in Self-Education.

Her Unique Story will hopefully give you the opportunity to see that she is an ordinary human being just like you, creating extraordinary things by turning her CANT’S into MUSTS and showing you how your Unique story and gifts can turn your Passion to profit!

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