In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to digital marketing strategist & CEO Victoria Vela.

Victoria helps us to understand the role of Neuromarketing in the online space and the 6 ways you can trigger the brains “buy” button.

Victoria Vela is a digital marketing strategist & CEO at Microcosmic Marketing. Victoria helps executive coaches to earn more in less time through automated marketing strategies.

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With a degree & background in Psychology, and Neuroscience. Victoria started her first business at 19, and launched Microcosmic Marketing about 1 year ago where she was able to book out their services in 2 months.

Victoria started out as a teacher using psychology & neuroscience to create teaching frameworks for students with special needs.

Applying Neuromarketing to marketing strategies is a really similar process of finding the most efficient way to deliver an impactful message to the audience.

When Victoria is not working in her business, she is usually cooking, running around San Antonio, Tx, or hanging out with her husband & their dogs.

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