In this episode, we talk to actor, business consultant and Mom on a Mission Jessie Wilde.

Jessie talks to us about the importance of consistently showing up in your business.

Jessie is a Business Consultant & Certified Life Coach Specialised in helping Entrepreneurs start or maintain their personal & business goals by showing the methods to find CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and MOVE FORWARD!

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Jessie worked for many years in Business & Marketing Management. This is where she realised that one of the worst things is watching someone with an amazing idea or talent fail because of disorganization, lack of knowledge or just not having the confidence to move forward!

As a working mother of five beautiful, busy children Jessie has felt the pressure of living life while trying to create something new or to just maintain it! That is why she is so passionate about helping female entrepreneurs and working mothers figure out a path to live their dreams and experience their best life.

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