In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to client relationships expert Susan Conley.

Susan talks to us about the importance of client loyalty and how we can foster it as entrepreneurs.

Susan Conley has a world of expertise in the global professional services space, with decades of experience as a Client Relations Executive for EY, a Business Developer and Marketing Director for Andersen, as well as the global consulting firm Accenture.

Some say Susan wears a superhero cape when a client crisis strikes.

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Her market-proven skills, strategies and solutions have saved a multitude of at-risk clients. But her special expertise is stepping in well before a client crisis erupts. As Susan says, “Being proactive is far more fun and a better way to do business.” Susan’s aim is to help you achieve client experience excellence within all your priority accounts so you can enjoy all the bottom-line benefits of loyalty economics.

Susan launched her consulting practice, ROCKbiz, in 2010 to focus solely on next-level client loyalty. Her soon-to-be released book is targeted to professional service providers; Your Loyal Clients Rock: 8 Strategies for Greater Client Relationships and Results. Susan Conley knows the business of relationships and the power of loyalty economics.

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