In this episode, we talk to photographer and Branding & Confidence Coach Lahaina Daudt.

Lahaina talks about the importance of a consistent visual brand and how to prepare for a photo shoot.

Lahaina has made it her purpose and passion to inspire and help other women grow into fierce, confident beings and give themselves permission to be. 

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Lahaina has a passion for helping women put self-love first, live their best lives, be fully self-expressed & achieve their deepest heart desires.

She has crossed the globe from Brazil to Australia at age 23 with only $1000 in her pocket. Until she came across Personal Development at age 34 life was all ‘fun and games’ and a lot of travelling, partying and searching for some kind of fulfilment.

Today Lahaina’s mission is to impact thousands of Modern Female Entrepreneurs to find their voice, their image and their self-confidence to stand out in the marketplace. To empower soul-driven women to create long-lasting mindset transformation and self-confidence by releasing limiting beliefs and fears; as a result, her clients can confidently tap into their inner confidence & manifest their deepest desires to up-level their lives.

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Set It Free Photography:
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