In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to author, speaker and entrepreneur Ryan Fahey.

Ryan takes us through his journey to becoming a published author.

Ryan Fahey is a 3-time author, speaker, and entrepreneur who is passionate about personal growth and well-being.

He is the Owner of FaheyConsulting which aims to help people and organizations move from good to great. His latest book, “How To Thrive In Remote Working Environments”, which supports the well-being of remote workers globally recently hit #1 on Amazon in Canada and cracked the top 40 books on entrepreneurship.

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Originally from Eastern Canada, Ryan has dedicated his life to pursuing wellness and is widely considered a thought leader in the wellness & education sectors.

Two fun facts about Ryan:

1. Early in his career, Ryan ran a mobile personal training business out of his Hyundai hatchback.

2. Ryan owns a small digital publication called “The Canadian Way”.

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