In this episode, we talk to Mindset and Productivity expert – Coach Tiffany Taylor.

Tiffany breaks down why we procrastinate, how we can be more productive, and how optimizing our routine empowers us to perform better in business and in life.

Coach Tiffany Taylor is a Mindset + Productivity Coach focusing on helping millennials overcome the struggle with self-sabotage through motivation + discipline strategies, so they can increase productivity and take their potential to new heights.

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Coach Tiffany Taylor came from humble beginnings, sleeping on a yoga mat on the floor to living in a South Beach High Rise and then moving to Phuket, Thailand where she launched her Coaching Practice.

Her aspiration is to be a top female motivational speaker by using her story to inspire entrepreneurs to become even more productive while giving them the tools to do so.

Connect with Tiffany:

Go to to book your free 30 minute strategy call with Coach Tiffany where you get:
1:1 Mindset training
Current habit analysis
1-2 custom strategies for combating self-sabotage + elevating your productivity
Self Control App for Mac:

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