In this episode of Chasing the Insights, talk to serial founder and entrepreneur Anna Stoilova.

Anna talks to us about bootstrapping an NFT project.

Anna’s latest project is Rogue Fox Guild – the first P2E roguelike adventure game.

From bootstrapping to a successful presale, Anna has worked on marketing and management of its NFT collection, brand and community for the brand to get to a successful presale and engaged organic community.

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Anna is an experienced entrepreneur that has created multiple products in virtual reality, data privacy and more.

As Co-founder and CEO of Dual Good Health, she brought immersive life-saving medical training to global organizations like the WHO, Qatar Airways, and Banner Health.

As a Co-founder and CPO of TIKI, Anna created and marketed a brand to get 100k sign-ups and 8k community members within 5 months of launch.

Passionate about decentralization, tech that improves people’s lives and web3.

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Rogue Fox Guild:



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