In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to marketing guru Steve Andrews.

Steve talks to us about how mindset is the key to a successful business.

Steve Andrews runs She Reigns Creative, a 7 figure Marketing agency which doubled its revenue in 2021.

Steve, hailing from Great Britain, has been a California resident since 2008, his agency is a Digital Marketer Certified Trainer, and he has a SAAS product which helps women entrepreneurs to run their businesses with over 300 subscribers.

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Steve believes business success comes down to 2 things, good solid marketing strategy, and having an abundant mindset that expects nothing but success. It’s for this reason that Steve works with clients on both.

Steve realized the importance of mindset when he became a Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer. He found himself writing a vision statement, thinking nothing of it only to re-read it 8 months later and it to have come true!

When he’s not running the agency, he teaches for the biggest university system in California, teaching Marketing, Communications, Leadership and Ethics.

One of Steve’s claims to fame is he was a contestant on the game show Deal or No Deal in the UK back in 2007!

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