In this episode, we talk to the personal branding strategist Petra Zink.

Petra takes us through her journey of making her ‘Mess’ her ‘Message’ and the power of reinventing yourself and your personal brand.

Petra is a personal branding strategist and host of the Future of Work Campus podcast. She is also the founder of impaCCCt and The360Talent.Co, where her coaching and training programs cover both: individual professionals as well as corporates.

Petra is specialised in preparing individuals, teams and businesses for the Future of Work by re-inventing themselves based on their point of difference and ensure that others recognise your unique skills and strengths.

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She typically speaks at corporate and industry conferences, public events like LinkedIn Local, runs workshops and leadership retreats, consults and coaches leaders and their teams to reinvent themselves to grow their businesses and careers to get ready for the Future of Work.

Petra has re-invented herself not once but three times already and has worked with 300+ professionals on pivoting in their career so they can make a bigger impact.

She is an official Forbes Coaches Council member, certified Personal Branding and Digital Strategist, the host of the Future of Work MeetUps as well as the We ‘r’ Future Podcast and has been featured on, Marie Claire, Get it Magazine as well as on various podcasts.

You can find Petra at:

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