In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to author, model, and entrepreneur Lorna Greyling.

Lorna talks to us about her crazy journey and how she learned that fear is a choice.

Lorna has a passion to impact her community and her motto is: “To be the change that you wish to see.”  

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She has a passion for job creation and woman empowerment and recently registered her own NPO called #womanMpower.

Lorna has many success stories of girls that she has taken off the street and trained as beauticians. 90% of them are currently employed and some of them have even become managers at her own and other spa’s around SA.

Lorna has been married to her husband Nick for 20 years and is an actress, TV-presenter, public speaker, and entrepreneur.

Her modelling career only started at the age of 36 when she entered Mrs South Africa in 2014.

In December 2016 she won Mrs Africa (TCP) and was able to represent the continent of Africa in America, Atlanta where she was bestowed the WORLD TITLE as Mrs Transcontinental 2017.

Lorna recently launched her book “Kidnapped-A true story” and received the number 1 new release award from Amazon. She loves the outdoors and finds joy in the small things. Her passion is to bring hope in others’ lives through sharing her story.

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