In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to pricing superwoman Jasmine Holmes.

Jasmine talks to us about how we can approach pricing in our business.

Introducing Jasmine Holmes, your Pricing Queen and 6-figure Design Superwoman.

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After 14 years creating and building a profitable, and more importantly fulfilling design business, Jaz was able to pursue her other passion, sharing what she knows with others.

While she can whip up a layout and design up a storm, her secret sauce is Pricing.

This Pricing Queen is helping Freelancers, Designers and Creatives bake more profit into their creative crust and charge dough for what they do. Through her teaching, her goal is to change every single one of her students’ lives in 2022, turning them from Starving Artists to Hungry Creatives.

She is helping them discover their creative worth and change their lives. Because that’s the power that wealth has, the ability to change lives.

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