In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to entrepreneur and thought-leader Stacey Molengraaf.

Stacey talks to us about our Inner Board of Directors and how this can support entrepreneurs to create more impactful and successful businesses.

Stacey Molengraaf is the Founder of the Coach Launch and creator of the Inner Board of Directors model for entrepreneurial and leadership development.

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Stacey has spoken to hundreds of leaders, entrepreneurs, and coaches across the globe, inspiring them to reconnect to their inner wisdom and transform the world around them.

Stacey is a thought-leader and born innovator.

She bridges the science of psychology to the inner and outer world of business.

Through the Inner Board of Directors model, she supports us to meet our inner board members who hold the self-imposed limitations and untapped potential integral to our business success.

Through one-on-one coaching and group workshops, she brings us to face-to-face with our blocks, guides us into reconnection with our inner board members, and supports us to make bold, eyes-wide-open choices that move us towards our business visions and success.

Stacey has over ten years of experience in entrepreneurship and facilitation. She built her first business in her early twenties, sold her second business in her early thirties, and now has a successful counseling and coaching practice. She loves walking by the river with her dog Zoey and writing music with her husband, James.

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