In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to founder, head coach at lucid shift coaching, ben Easter.

Ben talks us through his incredible journey and the power and science behind the non woo-woo version of manifestation.

Benjamin Easter is the Founder and Head Coach at Lucid Shift Coaching where they are on a mission to help badass business owners to breakthrough their limiting beliefs so that they can work less and contribute more.

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Ben Easter, Lucid Shift Coach, views the world very differently than most because he’s able to shine the light on the hidden parts of your psyche to bring out the best parts of you. You want wisdom without the bouncer checking your card first? Listen in on an episode that will bend your mind in every area of your life (relationships, career, money, and even Spirit itself).

Ben helps freedom-seekers to develop the resources, strategies, and mindsets they need to build authentic businesses so that they can experience more meaning, fulfillment, and impact in their lives.

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