All the insights you need to create a kickass marketing strategy tailored for your success.

September 23rd - 25th 

The Ultimate Marketing Strategy Summit is over for 2020. 

What an absolute blast! 

This was a free virtual event where you heard from the brightest minds in marketing and sales to give you solution-focused insights. The goal was to give you access to everything you need to develop a marketing strategy that is tailored just for you and your business. From the feedback we received, I would say mission accomplished! 

Attendees were inspired and empowered to grow and scale their business or venture.

In the summit you heard from over 30 industry experts from all over the world on a range of topics to inform your marketing strategy including.

DAY 1 - Programme

Vince Warnock - Welcome to the Summit
Pamela James - No more overwhelm
Patty Duque - Your personal brand
Nina Concepcion - Conscious Sales
Kinsey Machos - Content strategies
Kelly Cochran - Live life at full volume
Michelle Vroom - Growing your own audience
Kylie Snowley-Noden - How to approach social media
Tamar Hela - LinkedIn and the art of storytelling
Brimo Morales - Organic Facebook
Roxanne Ray - Facebook advertising

Vince Warnock - Wrap-up for the day

Plus wellbeing exercises from Lea Grimaldi

DAY 2 - Programme

Vince Warnock - Welcome to day 2
Evelina Dzimanaviciute - The Entrepreneur mind
Petra Zink - Your brand and you
Johanna Hunt - Influencer marketing
Ryann Dowdy - The sales mindset
Kamila Gornia - Heart Aligned lead generation
June Low - How to create consistent content
Judith Bragado Viado - The right foundations
Naty Montandon - Instagram done right
Lindsay Johnson - Breaking YouTube myths
Cathryn Mora - Thought leadership

Vince Warnock - Wrap-up for the day

Plus Thankfulness exercises from Simone L'Abbé

DAY 3 - Programme

Vince Warnock - Welcome to day 3
Monica Tanner - How to Grow Your Business Without Wrecking Your Marriage
Lahaina Daudt - Your visual brand
Carlos Adell - Consistency + working algorithms
Ewa Heard - Facebook groups for launching
Laurie Joy - How to turn up live
Julien Sicard - Linkedin lead generation
Barbara Maheshwari - Scaling your strategy using virtual teams
Liz Marasco - Online Event Strategy
Q Walker - Conversational UX, customer’s voice
Ben Scott - The 1% Challenge 

Vince Warnock - Wrap-up and Prizes

Plus Focus exercises from Evelina Dzimanaviciute

Oh no, I missed out!

Don't worry, we still have the VIP All-Access Pass available for those that want the recordings.

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