All the insights you need to create a kickass marketing strategy tailored for your success.

September 23rd - 25th 

Join us for the Ultimate Marketing Strategy Summit. 

A free virtual event where you will hear from the brightest minds in marketing and sales to give you solution-focused insights. You will have access to everything you need to develop a marketing strategy that is tailored just for you and your business. 

You will be inspired and empowered to grow and scale your business or venture.

Hear from around 30 industry experts from all over the world (including the likes of Kamila Gornia, Roxanne Ray, Kinsey Machos, Michelle Vroom, Kelly Cochran and many more) on a range of topics to inform your marketing strategy including:

> How to build an authentic brand
> Marketing on Facebook (without emptying your wallet)
> How to kill it on Instagram
> Secrets to a content strategy
> Why you shouldn't ignore LinkedIn
> How to consistently show up live
 > Building a Community that converts
> and much much more.

The full agenda will be available closer to the event.

Day 1

PDT: 12pm - 4pm Wed 23rd September
EDT: 3pm - 7pm Wed 23rd September
NZST: 7am - 11am Thu 24th September
AEST: 5am - 9am Thu 24th September

Day 2

PDT: 12pm - 4pm Thu 24th September
EDT: 3pm - 7pm Thu 24th September
NZST: 7am - 11am Fri 25th September
AEST: 5am - 9am Fri 25th September

Day 3

PDT: 12pm - 4pm Fri 25th September
EDT: 3pm - 7pm 3pm Fri 25th September
NZST: 7am - 11am Sat 26th September
AEST: 5am - 9am Sat 26th September

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