Elizabeth Marasco – Online Event Strategies

Elizabth Marasco is the CEO of Brady Events and Marketing, Podcast Host and the Publisher of Kudos Magazine. She is passionate about helping businesses and nonprofits increase exposure online and offline. Finding creative ways to connect with qualified clients, sponsors, and investors.

After a decade at Ford Motor Company, working in technical marketing for advanced electronics, Elizabeth took a quantum leap as an entrepreneur. Her adventure included multiple brick and mortar businesses in Michigan, along with the launch of her boutique agency Brady Events and Marketing (BEAM.)
Her agency is responsible for publishing Kudos magazine, focused on healthy, happy living, utilizing the magazine to help clients with creative storytelling for multiple media formats.

BEAM implements branding from online to offline, creating cohesive strategies. Recently Elizabeth expanded her reach to help others on their digital marketing journey. Providing online consulting to help businesses and nonprofits develop strategies to increase engagement with content that converts, assisting clients in connecting with qualified sales leads.

Elizabeth has made over 20 guest appearances on ABC Sunday morning news, sharing event planning tips, live fashion show, and many how-to learning segments and two guest segments on NBC

Connect with Elizabeth to find out more:

FREE Online Event Workshop Training: www.elizabethmarasoc.com/eventsuccess
Free Event Marketing Planning Guide: www.elizabethmarasco.com/marketing-event-guide
Website: www.elizabethmarasco.com
Podcast: www.spreaker.com/show/elizabethmarasco
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ElizabethMarascoBEAM
Digital Marketing Strategies fb Group: www.facebook.com/groups/digitalmarketingBEAM