Judith Bragado Viado – Getting the foundations right

Judith Bragado Viado is a Mum, an entrepreneur and a health advocate of toxin-free cooking.

She is also a mentor that has created multiple successful businesses. Judith is now Co-founder and CFO at the award winning brand, porducts and company Nutricraft Cookware. The undisputed leaders in non-toxic cooking.

Judith also runs the Nutricraft Online Academy and the "High Performance Tribe: Ignite, Empower, Elevate" Facebook group.

Judith has a clear vision to accelerate entrepreneurs from grounds up to growth and to build great leaders.

You can find Judith here:

Website: www.nutricraftcookware.com
High Performance Tribe: Ignite, Empower, Elevate fb Group: www.facebook.com/groups/highperformancetribe