In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to introverted jokester and introverted networking guru Wendy Babcock.

Wendy talks to us about networking in a new way (that even works for introverts).

Wendy Babcock a jokester! She loves to laugh and crack people up! While she may be an introvert, she loves to be on stages sharing knowledge of how to become complaint free, how to use kindness to combat online bullying and how to network differently using the SLAM networking technique she pioneered.

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Before Wendy learned to let her crazy, true self out, she felt so stifled in the entreprenurial space. So she broke out of the perverbial box and started to just show up exactly as who she is!

Now Wendy helps new-ish entrepreneurs build foundational skills through her “mall” off experts program called Profit Up Expert Emporium.

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