In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to high-performance business coach Viv Guy.

Viv talks to us about the cookie-cutter culprit and how to create a unique personal brand that sells you.

Viv is a high-performance business coach passionate about helping entrepreneurs to get more clients and to create feel-good businesses that energize and inspire them each and every day.

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Viv originally trained in dance and drama at Uni with visions of being a professional performer, but soon found her passion was in using the arts to help others……and honestly she cannot sing for love nor money so her dreams of musical theatre were thwarted early on!

Having started her first seven-figure award-winning business at just 22 (yep some 17 years ago).

Viv is a talented photographer having built a successful brand photography business whilst on Maternity leave. And a serial rescuer of battery hens chickens.

Viv is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create a business that gives them the freedom to live a more balanced life by working fewer hours but without compromising on their earning potential.

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