In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to Network Marketing Guru Abby Garrison.

Abby Talks to us about setting your own standards, expectations, and boundaries in business.

Abby is passionate about her husband Logan, her two kids Riker and Felicity (ask Abby about the geeky origins of their names), as well as empowering & teaching Network Marketers to GROW!.

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Abby is a proud coffee snob and a makeup junkie and not artsy at all.

She has been in network marketing since 2015 and has had her share of spammy sales tactics. Last year Abby decided to take her business seriously and quickly grew to the top ten in her company, and have a team that has five others in the top thirty with her!

Now Abby passionately helps network marketers go from Side Gig hustlers to full-time business owners by being authentically themselves!

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