In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to brand strategist and the CEO of Brandwave Consulting, Humaira Akhter.

Humaira talks to us about her journey and the importance of Identity Alignment.

Humaira Akhter is a leading Brand Strategist and the CEO of Brandwave Consulting. Humaira is passionate about helping visionary entrepreneurs grow their online business with a soul-aligned brand to increase visibility and impact.

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Humaira quit her corporate life to raise her twins and is now dedicated to serving other purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

Her passion became helping small businesses to build a brand with personality.

For over 8 years, she has helped companies bring their vision to life through creative project management, print, online media, usability design, website design, and brand development. As a forward thinker, she understands the importance of the “bigger picture” of any company. From small startups to multi-million dollar proposals, I’ve worked with people at every end of the spectrum all sharing the same goal of communicating value through design.

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