In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to the Casino Sales Master himself, Joseph Rockey Jr.

Joe talks to us about his upcoming book Casino Sales Master.

Joseph Rockey Junior is a serial business creator and founder. Beginning in real estate, he has created a number of successful entities that have lived well beyond a decade, which is an incredibly rare feat in any industry, let alone real estate.

Joe operates Elite Business Conversations, which is a specialty coaching and consulting firm helping individuals and companies create elite sales cycles.

Elite Business Conversations teaches how to create an enduring culture that people want to work for, despite the company paying less in employee wages.

Elite Business Conversations provide solutions to businesses that have no exit plan after the current owner retires. These solutions include selling the business or developing a new ownership structure. Joe finds joy in seeing the companies thrive.

Additionally, Joe can be found on many stages across the world, presenting keynote addresses about how to achieve greatness in sales, and discussing elite business cultures which his company is known for.

Joe is a founder of three media outlets. The Elite Business Conversations TV show is currently syndicated in 43 countries and is in 55 million households. In addition to being streamed on both Amazon and Roku, it is a flagship program on a podcast network with over 100 million downloads each month.

Joe is the host of the podcast ‘Father and Joe’. Joe aims to teach individuals about their relationships, always looking through the lens of the relationship that we have with ourselves, each other, and God.

Joe co-founded the YouTube show ‘Local Football Flavor’, which is an NFL show that discusses the teams in the league from the fan’s perspective; fans talking about football with other fans, learning from each other, and becoming more knowledgeable about the sport, and gaining valuable insights regarding the NFL.

Joe is constantly creating new businesses. It is highly possible that by the time you read this, Joe will have created something else that will be the darling in the spotlight. In all of his ventures, he starts by creating honest human connections to ensure his clients experience real value, real impact, and real change.

Joe 100% believes that salespeople will heal the world.

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