In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to mindset coach Kym Dakin-Neal.

Kym talks to us about Head Heart & Hands Listening in Coach Practice.

Kym Dakin-Neal, M.Ed is Director of Voice Into Learning, LLC and a practicing Mindset coach specializing in effective communications for over a decade. She works successfully with introverts and newly promoted employees, women running for office, entrepreneurs pitching new products so they can step into the spotlight and share their stories with confidence and impact.

Kym helps train physicians in productive listening and patient communication at Tufts and Kaiser Permanente.

Kym has also developed and sold a bookmarking app called Nugget to eliminate the need to take notes in online meetings.

Her book “Head Heart & Hands Listening in Coach Practice” is released as of July 2023 through Routledge Publishers of London.

Kym enjoys creating “Ninja Poetry”, hiking, and the family Wordle competition!

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