In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to leadership guru Charles Vogl.

Charles talks to us about the binding power of ritual: replacing the lost rituals of our new era.

Charles Vogl’s work is used to advise and develop leadership and programs worldwide within organizations including Google, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitch, Amazon, ServiceNow & He has instructed and presented at organizations including The Yale Leadership Institute, The Yale Law School, The Harvard Law School, The Stanford Graduate School of Business and the US Army.

He works with Google in several capacities, including as a trusted thought leader for the Google School for Leaders which develops 20,000 Google managers.

He is the author of three books.
His first book, ​the international bestseller The Art of Community​ shares how both community and belonging can be built through time-tested principles and rituals. It won a Nautilus Book Award for Business and Leadership writing. His latest book, Building Brand Communities, speaks to organization leaders connecting the people important for success. It won an Axiom Business Book Gold Medal.

In his 20s, Charles served in the U.S. Peace Corps in northern Zambia. There, he witnessed inspirational community inside his rural village. After the Peace Corps, Charles founded a social impact documentary film company in New York City. His PBS film projects won many awards including the Amnesty International prestigious “Movies That Matter” award.

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