In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to expert in conversational dynamics Jake Stahl.

Jake talks to us about neurolinguistics and the power of proper word selection.

Jake Stahl is a pioneer in conversational dynamics and a highly regarded fractional Chief Learning Officer.

He is revolutionizing sales through his ‘Adaptive Conversational Blueprint,’ turning sales professionals into relational architects capable of forging profound connections with prospects.

Integral to his approach is the 2/10 Rule, which challenges traditional perspectives on conversation and emphasizes the importance of rhythm and cadence.

With a rich background spanning 30 years, Jake has shared his expertise in training and development across six countries, impacting over 10,000 individuals.

A master mason and father of four, Jake seamlessly blends practical experience and insightful wisdom in his pursuit of the perfect conversation and empowers businesses through masterful conversations.

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