In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to entrepreneur and coach Colin Kingsmill.

Colin talks to us about connecting with your “why” in our business

Colin Kingsmill is an entrepreneur, coach and Founding Partner at Whole Human Coaching as well as a Strategic Advisor to Kaylo ( He is currently authoring a book entitled “Fear Less: Crossing the Bridge from Fear to Bliss.”

When people get stuck at critical transition points in their lives, he assists them in deconstructing the stories in their heads, overcoming fear, and reconstructing a new narrative to move forward, live their authentic selves and thrive. He has an acute ability to sense-make in this complex world.

His ability to fast-track clarity of mind with insight and humour guides people of all ages through relationship dynamics, confidence building, self-improvement, overcoming challenges and achieving desired results.

He believes that we have lost touch with our shared humanity and have become distracted by division, identity politics, negative news cycles, corporate and special interest greed and other forces that crush our souls.

He is on a mission to help people rediscover their humanity, be fearless and free, and remember who they are and who they will be to change the world.

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