In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to neuroscience expert Lisa Manyoky.

Lisa talks to us about the importance of “finding your fit” in life in terms of people, profession, environment, etc.

Lisa Manyoky is a firecracker whose impassioned speeches about the domino effect of presence are informative and entertaining. She has grit, an indomitable spirit and an acute understanding of the visible and invisible information exchange between people.

By integrating the neuroscience of communication dynamics into her messages, Lisa makes complex “brain matter” easy to understand and relevant to her audience. She insists that at the end of each presentation, every listener feels inspired to recognize their natural assets, identify what makes them tick, close the gap between intention and perception, and find their rightful place among family, friends and colleagues. The end game? Feeling comfortable in their own skin. Deeper connections. Improved performance. Business stability. And the list goes on…

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