In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to entrepreneur and parent coach Kellie Ann Peterson.

Kelly talks to us about how to be an entrepreneur with a disability.

Kellie Ann Peterson, MDiv. has a Marriage and Family Therapy Bachelors degree and is a Family Intervention Specialist. Her experiences include teaching, reunifying families, working with at-risk youths, families in crisis, and as a parent coach. She has worked in preschools, correctional facilities, and social work agencies.

She is a co-author with Dave Farrow, a two-time Guinness World Records holder for greatest memory, and she is the creator of an online parenting curriculum. Her new book, an upcoming memoir, “Wounded Heart, Graceful Warrior” is her story of overcoming domestic violence.

Kellie Ann is unique in every way, and her life story attests to that fact. As a teen mom, adoptive mom, and foster care mom, she has had many great experiences. But there is even more. Just one year after she gave birth to her daughter, she became a great-grandmother.

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