In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to intuitive entrepreneur Tara McFarland.

Tara talks to us about using intuition, reason and logic to make decisions (both sides of the brain).

Tara McFarland believes everyone has intuitive gifts and everyone is a leader. She is a catalyst for change challenging the status quo of societal norms. She guides her clients in unlocking the gifts they may have buried long ago.

Her journey back to herself began when she burned out of her 20-year civil engineering career landing on her living room floor shattered. From that moment forward, she chose to lean into support from people around her unleashing a life-changing emotional and spiritual awakening.

Guiding her clients with understanding and compassion, Tara creates a sacred space to examine their old stories and create new ones. Bridging the worlds of analytical thinking and intuitive flow, they learn to embrace all of themselves, unlock their gifts and lead with audacity.

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