In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to Airbnb expert Jorge Contreras.

Jorge talks to us about how to work ON the business.

Jorge Contreras was born to immigrant parents, Jorge had a rough childhood. Jorge came from a background of drug dealing, and gangs, and has seen his dad pass away from getting involved with the wrong kinds of activities.

In 2012, Jorge began investing in real estate. His Airbnb businesses flourished and he started earning six figures a month completely on autopilot. He retired at age 29, became a millionaire by 30, and now earns 7 Figures with his Airbnb Business.

Jorge founded and became the CEO of The R.E.A.L. System in 2018. He decided to share his Airbnb knowledge. Jorge has helped over 3000+ people reach their goals with Airbnb and achieve financial, time, and location freedom.

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