In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to serial entrepreneur Jeff Giagnocavo .

Jeff talks to us about the shift into the investor seat every business owner must make.

Jeff Giagnocavo does business in your bedroom. He co-owns Gardner’s Mattress & More, the region’s
premier better sleep store. He is fanatical about the 5-star experience and has gathered thousands of 5-star reviews. His book Sleep Better has helped thousands of people wake up happy too.

As a driven entrepreneur he has licensed both his own custom software and educational marketing materials to others in his industry and in other industries.

Jeff’s marketing skills and knowledge are regularly featured and acknowledged online, in books, and in magazines.

He is best suited working with clients in a fractional visionary role with high performing integrators who realize they can hit new levels but just need an ally and visionary to support their efforts to get there.

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