In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to the legendary author and radio host Jennifer Hammond.

Jennifer talks to us about embracing YAY’s everyday!

Real Estate Educator Jennifer Hammond is the Owner of Hammond Real Estate Education, a company that provides premier online real estate educational courses to Realtors, first-time home buyers, and real estate investors.

She brings more than 26 years of experience in the real estate industry to her customers. As the Owner, she provides leadership and strategic direction for the business, creates, implements, and executes the company’s vision and mission, and ensures the financial success and public acceptance of the corporate brand.

Jennifer has a broad range of skills that she deploys to help her clients achieve their real estate goals, which includes being a licensed real estate agent, a podcast host, a best-selling author, and a successful talk-show host for SiriusXM for ten years to millions of listeners. In addition, she’s poised to launch a brand new TV show that will be available on 450 million smart TVs worldwide. Jennifer was a top real estate producer for 26 years in Washington DC, Women of the Year, and was inducted into the Happiness Hall of fame with many celebrities.

She’s well-known for her YAY! happy attitude, which advocates for education, inspiration, and empowerment in daily life and celebrating others who have learned from her real estate education. Jennifer also believes in the ancient philosophy that everything vibrates at specific frequencies, including people, and that their thoughts and emotions are energy frequencies. Consequently, her “YAY” became her vocal signature and her “frequency extension” to celebrate and encourage everyone she can.

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Jennifer is passionate about helping people understand real estate better so they can make better financial decisions based on a more profound understanding of their options and choices. When she isn’t hard at work at any one of a myriad of entrepreneurial pursuits, she enjoys sailing, traveling, and cooking.

Jennifer Hammond was born and raised in Key West, FL. She graduated from The University of West Florida, earning her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. She’s a licensed real estate agent in Florida with EXP Realty on the team of Elena Cardone and is licensed to sell real estate in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia.

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