In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to the franchise king Patrick Findaro.

Patrick talks to us about all things Franchises.

Patrick Findaro is the co-founder of Visa Franchise and Vetted Biz, as well as the Franchise Findings Podcast Host.

He started Visa Franchise with his brother in 2015. Fast-forward 7 years, they have helped 550+ clients select franchises to invest in. Across their data platform, Vetted Biz, and Visa Franchise, they have 40+ employees with 150,000+ organic web visits and 40,000+ podcast downloads/ YouTube views a month.

Over a million people have watched their YouTube videos, listened to their podcast episodes, and read their articles.

Also, He is a published author of the book How to Buy a Franchise, available on Amazon.

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