In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to best-selling author and living legend Dr. Taj Shotwell.

Dr. Taj talks to us about how to avoid mistakes that professionals make and lose it all.

Dr. Taj Shotwell, is an educator, Amazon bestselling author, poet, songwriter, screenwriter, and playwright.

She was born Theresa Ann James the sixth and middle child of eleven children raised in Memphis, Tennessee by a career Army Sargent and a gospel singer/homemaker.

Obtained former education in San Francisco where she taught business at colleges and universities while working as an accountant. Joined the faculty at FAMU in the business school and later education, teaching accounting, professional development, and educational leadership courses, and chaired a department before retirement.

Written and published five non-fiction books including a 3-part series coming of age in Memphis based on her life called Middle Child. She also wrote a fiction drama faith-based book Maggie: Never Bitter which she adapted as a musical and won contest awards in 2016 and 2017.

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The related album of 16 songs she wrote is sold on iTunes. The Founder/President of the upcoming day and boarding school called Business of Arts Academy International for 7-12th graders. (www.tajshotwell/baai) The keystone for the school is her Professional Development for Pre-professionals for all Majors and Careers.

Her book, Family and Faith Poetry is an inspirational memoir of fifty short stories/poems about several generations of family and friends in Memphis and her international travels. On her birthday in 2019, Taj humbly received a “Memphis Living Legends Award. “ Taj currently lives in Tallahassee, lives a healthy lifestyle, and has one daughter and two grandchildren.

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