In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to the Battle Warrior himself, Chad Smith.

Chad talks to us about his journey to writing an international best selling book.

Chad Smith is the CEO of Battle Warrior Brands, a national based Apparel company that promotes the beauty of Mental Health throughout this nation.

He is the three-times best selling author of Battle Warrior “The Inspiring Story of Chad Smith, A Dyslexic Survivor of Addictions.”

Chad also teaches people about print on demand and merchandise and is a recovered Addict from both Alcohol and Pornography.

Currently Chad is 1000 Days + Sober
Despite growing up around addictions ranging from Alcohol, Painkillers, and Pornography, Chad uses his sobriety to teach people on how to strive in this alcohol driven society.

Chad is also an active volunteer at Community Church in Oshkosh and in 2021 recieved the Sir Clyde Rivers Youth Empowerment Leadership Award for his Youth Empowerment throughout the world.

He has also won the 2022 WORLD CIVITY Youth Icon of the Year Award.

Chad is a born again Christian that is super passionate about addiction, camping, cars, hunting, horsepower, farming, fishing, running, metal music, working out, and sobriety living. Living his favorite Motto ” Fast Cars, Loud Guitars!”

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