In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to author and legendary sales person David F. D’Orazi.

David talks to us about how to become a number 1 sales person.

David D’Orazi was born and raised in Los Angeles. This is where he became part of his fathers story.

His father was a big TV Star and later a top sales man for many different companies. Dave’s Sister Kathy O’dare was a star on the famous sitcom in America ” Happy Days”. Both his dad and his sister suffered from mental illness along the way.

He wrote the life stories of both of them, and how him and them got through it, and still managed to become successful. Dave has managed to become not only an author, but an award winning salesperson, for many years, and he will soon be publishing his new book, “How to manage to all be in the top 2% of your sales force” which should be coming out in the next year.

his first two books “The In Between Artist” is his dad’s story, who was also the first animator for Walt Disney. His sisters story will be out in three to four weeks. It is Called “Is Everybody Happy”?
He credits his father for being a great salesman that he has become, and continues to sell.

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