In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to inspirational entrepreneur and web3 innovator Rosalind Panda.

Rosalind talks to us about innovative women in web3.

Rosalind Panda as a Thought leader, Visionary, and Changemaker is here to inspire and empower others to do what inspires them so that all of us together can make this world a better place.

She lives a life with Purpose and optimism serving mankind and benefiting the World through the fundamental elements of life e.g. Art, Technology, Creative design thinking, and Innovation.

She is the CEO and Founder of Rosalind Business Group LLC. CEO of Rosalind IT Services, Founder of Rosalind Arts, CEO of Rosalind Constructions, and Founder of ROVA Token and Rosalind Prasad Foundation, INC. She is on a board member of the River Art Works Organization and an Influencer in the International Association of Women organization, an author, and a public speaker.

As the Founder of Rosalind Arts Gallery and a well-known global fine art artist living in New York, Rosalind is a highly versatile creator with pieces in the realms of abstract, landscape, impressionistic and contemporary, modern speaking the language of love toward humanity, inner peace, world peace, Positivity, enthusiasm, and Optimism in life.

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Rosalind is serving as the CEO of Rosalind Constructions with which her company utilizes CAD-based 3D modeling technology to offer construction companies and architecture firms the tools to visualize complex projects.

Her company Rosalind IT Services was established in 2019, and is a top-notch IT consulting, Staffing, and Recruitment service provider in the United States of America specializing in web 2.0, ERP Solutions, and web 3.0 technologies.

She is the Founder of a cryptocurrency called “ROVA” Token. With the base of ROVA, she is building the World’s very first real-world utility-based eco-system that pays back to humanity where it spends.

For her Incredible Contribution to the community and across the world Rosalind Panda/Rosalind Business Group LLC is featured in Forbes, USA Today, Brainz, New York weekly, Yahoo, CEO weekly, Yahoo news, Artist Weekly, NY Voyage, Fox News, CNBC, NBC, ABC news, CBS, NY WIRE, LA WIRE etc.

You can connect with Rosalind here:

Rova Token Website:
Rosalind Arts:
Rosalind IT:
Rosalind Construction:


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