In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to serial entrepreneur Adam McChesney.

Adam talks to us about the importance of Personal Branding.

Adam McChesney is a serial entrepreneur based in St. Louis, MO. Originally a medical device sales rep, he transitioned into entrepreneurship full-time in the midst of the pandemic in July 2020.

Leaving a comfortable and secure job during uncertain times has brought a lot of challenges along the way. Adam went from making $200k+/yr working for a well-known CPAP manufacturer to take a chance and bet on himself.

He was tired of going through the motions, and always knew that there was something more to life, other than just money and nice things. Having the entrepreneurial bug, an opportunity to go into digital marketing full-time seemed like the right move.

Since going out on his own, Adam has leveraged his skillset of digital marketing to grow multiple companies at this point. He is the Owner/Partner of Hite Digital St. Louis, and Owner of Auto Glass Repair of STL.

Hite Digital St. Louis is now a 7-figure digital marketing agency, a member of the INC 5000 at #868, and was awarded Future 50 St. Louis, an award that’s given to the fastest growing companies in the city.

Obstacles along the way have included overcoming criticism and doubt from many for leaving corporate America, and making the transition from sales rep to CEO.

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