This is it, the official Chasing the Insights Christmas Special.

I have gathered a number of amazing guests for a special Christmas celebration.

We will share out highlights of the year, our advice for entrepreneurs as we go into 2021 and we even have a special musical performance lined up.

You can even watch the video version of the episode in the Chasing the Insights Facebook group

Listen to the episode here

Here is our amazing line up of talented guests and where you can find them:

Kinsey Machos 

Kinsey is a Business Coach, Marketing Strategist, and host of the Launch It Girl podcast. She help coaches create magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen and heard online and make a bigger impact.

Launch it Girl Podcast:

Kelly Cochran

Affectionately known as the “Loud Blonde” by friends and fans, Kelly Cochran is a professional marketer and motivator who shares her message of empowerment on stages and podcasts across the country. An unapologetic writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, Kelly passionately encourages women to listen to their instincts and speak their truth at the highest volume.

Biz Builders Society fb Group:

Monica Tanner

Monica Tanner is not only married to her best friend, she is also a boss mom to 4 small humans, weekly podcaster at On the Brighter Side and relationship and intimacy sexpert.


Kat Elizabeth

Kat is an actor turned copywriter and personal branding coach who believes branding is an inside job.

Personal Branding Podcast:
Facebook group:

Petra Zink

Petra is a personal branding strategist and host of the Future of Work Campus podcast. She is also the founder of impaCCCt and The360Talent.Co, where her coaching and training programs cover both: individual professionals as well as corporates.

Impaccct Website:
360 Talent Co Website:
Future of Work Campus Podcast:

Q Walker

Q Walker is a passionate UX strategist and researcher who enjoys every chance to nerd out about human behaviour, especially where psychology intersects with design and technology.


Lindsay Johnson

Known as tough-love wrapped in sugar, she’s here to demystify and simplify how new entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Lindsay puts YOU at the center of your business vision and teaches you how to build a profitable business doing what you love.

Rad Connectors fb group:

Max Sher

Max Sher is the CEO and founder of the Sher Agency as well as the host of the Sink or Swin podcast.

Sink or Scale podcast:

Johanna Hunt

Johanna is a social media marketing and personal branding expert that helps Home Business Owners, Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and aspiring Influencers develop influential leadership through personal branding so they can dominate their competition, grow their business in a smart and leveraged way and gain more freedom and abundance in their life.

Create Success with Johanna fb Group:

Pamela James

Pamela James helps busy female professionals who are trying to do-it-all to overcome their overwhelm with less stress and more energy so that they can achieve business success and still have a life of happiness, health, and service.


Ben Scott

Ben Scott leads the digital marketing & communications team at Grant Thornton Australia and loves the challenge of being a marketer in service industries. For the past 13 years, Ben has worked across accounting, law, insurance and engineering on a wide range of digital marketing projects.


Plus our talented musical guest Carissa Lynn Renner

Carissa Lynn Renner is the founder and CEO of the Bold Vocal. She works with singers to create organic artistry inside The Bold Vocal Academy, where she tends to the mind, body, spirit, and soul of her clients. Recently she has branched out into coaching women inside of her signature program, “Own Your Voice, Own Your Magic,” where she guides clients to reclaim their power, access authentic confidence, and manifest their dreams by finding their voices. She’s been a pro singer since she was fifteen years old, and believes that singing once is like praying twice — it’s a direct channel to source energy.

If you are interested in private vocal coaching, book a 30 min complimentary consult call here

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