In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to networking queen Jevonya Allen.

Jevonya talks to us about the power of networking.

Jevonya Allen commands attention as the Creator and Chief Visionary Officer of Twisted Networking, an internationally recognized business networking organization.

Known for her success as an author, a certified business consultant, and a networking coach, Jevonya’s mission is to teach people who are selling a product or service how to become skillful at building relationships that will result in both personal and professional growth.

Jevonya’s clients range from entrepreneurs in the ideation phase to the alumni association for a top high school in the United States.

Her book, The Introvert’s Guide to Becoming a Master Networker, is garnering much publicity as a must-read for entrepreneurs, startups, small business owners, network marketers, and sales teams.

In 2022, Jevonya received an Outstanding Leadership Award for her contributions to marketing and advertising. Jevonya’s digital course, Networking School, is positioned to transform many lives worldwide.

Jevonya loves discussing entrepreneurship, personal development, business, marketing, and networking. Jevonya has three adopted sons, and she currently lives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

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